Pulsar: Concave Grinder | 4pc

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Brand: Pulsar

Pulsar: Concave Grinder | 4pc


The Pulsar Concave Grinder is 2.5 inches in diameter with a unique concave lid design. The concave lid is perfect for holding herb while loading bowls and pipes, and the shape of the grinding chamber funnels herb towards the center for a smooth, easy grind. These quality grinders also have diamond shaped teeth for shredding herb, a pollen chamber with sifting screen, magnetic lid, and scrape tool.



  • 6-piece display
  • 2.5 inch diameter
  • 4 piece herb grinder
  • Airplane grade anodized aluminum
  • Concave top w/ concave grind chamber
  • Diamond shaped cutting teeth
  • Pollen chamber w/ sifting screen
  • Scrape tool included
  • Pulsar branded
  • Assorted colors
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