Zig-Zag: 1 1/4 Pre-Rolled Cones

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Zig-Zag: 1 1/4 Pre-Rolled Cones


Don't you just hate when you packed in your medicine, only to have it fall all over your lap when you go to roll? Well then look no further! Zig-Zag Pre-rolled cones have your back & your lap! 100% Authentic Zig-Zag pre-rolled cones to enhance your experience. Pre-Rolled Cones are so much easier and faster to fill than a normal rolling paper. These are slow-burning, with each cone watermarked with Zig-Zags proprietary imprint that helps prevent runs and maintains the smoothest burn time and time again!

  • Size: 84mm
  • 6 Cones per carton, 36 packs per box, 216 Cones
  • Type: Ultra Thin
  • Translucent and wider
  • Material: Unbleached Paper
  • Made using Natural Flax Plant Fibers
  • 100% Natural Gum Arabic
  • Featuring: Individual Boxes that are crushproof
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