THC Mystery Box

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Brand: Nurse CBD

THC Mystery Box

Subscribe and save on a mystery mix of THC products depending on how much you choose to pay. Select the option of product types that you are interested in and enter the price you want to pay and we will add a mix of items valued between 10-25% more than you pay. This box will be automatically charged to you and shipped according to the chosen time schedule. When selecting a price to pay, note that most full size items we carry have an average price of $35-$60.


Smokers Box - A mix of smokables and smoking accessories. Vapes may sometimes be included but the first items will be smokable items and accessories like papers, pipes, grinders, and more.

Vaping Box - A mix of vapes and vaping accessories including cartridges, disposables and batteries. May include small smokable items or accesssories, but vaping products will be the first priority.

Edibles Box - A mix of edible products that may include gummies, syrups, treats, and more. This box will not contain any smokable or vape products. Some products may contain allergens. Please do not order this if you have any food allergies that may be in our products. 

Mixed Box - A mix of all types of products and accessories. Not guaranteed to get all product types in every box. 

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