Wholespectrum Cannabinoids

Introducing the Whole Spectrum

Simply better.

More cannabinoids and more terpenes with a cleaner process.

Many Nurse Wellness CBD products feature Whole Spectrum™ CBD. Going beyond broad spectrum and full spectrum, Whole Spectrum™ CBD is extracted using a proprietary and new process that captures virtually all available cannabinoids and terpenes, at a higher intensity and strength by using energy instead of solvents. 

CBD only, No Terpenes, No THC, No Entourage Effect

Broad Spectrum
CBD + Other Cannabinoids, Some Terpenes, No THC

Full Spectrum
CBD + Other Cannabinoids, Some Terpenes,
THC Included (<0.3%)

Whole Spectrum™
CBD + All Available Cannabinoids, More Terpenes,
THC Included (<0.3%) and Maximum Entourage Effect


Faster Acting
Stronger Effects
Longer Lasting

How Is Other CBD Extracted?

How is Whole Spectrum Better?

This clean and safe process uses physics (instead of chemistry) to open plant cell walls and then extract the full range of healthful cannabinoids. We capture CBD, CBN, CBC, etc., plus terpenes and omega oils, and deliver those valuable compounds with unmatched purity and potency.

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