MAGBLUNT: Magnetic Asher Band Glass Blunt

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MAGBLUNT: Magnetic Asher Band Blunt


No blunt has ever been built the way MagBlunts built these glass blunts! MagBlunts is the first blunt of its kind, with a patent pending design. MagBlunt is a new way of smoking on the go, in a cleaner more simple process of ashing your pipe.


What is so special about the MAGBLUNT?

This innovative magnetic glass blunt pipe is the new market game-changing smoking device cannabis companies and consumers have been waiting to have in their possession. This glass blunt offers a conveniently cleaner and more simplistic smoking process all around with its sleek design and hassle-free nature.

This glunt pipe is a heavyweight among other smoking devices thanks to how it packs a clean, flavorful punch straight to the dome. The 4-inch MagBlunt is the first of its kind, providing distance cooling in every rip, a clog-proof consistent burning design, and is naturally setting a new standard for glass pipes everywhere.

When the burning tip is lit up, the glass blunt gives a consistent burn and is widely known for its constant fresh hits like all blunts should be. Though we have hundreds of novelty glass pipes to choose from, such as bubblers, bongs, Sherlock pipes, and chillums, the MagBlunt is a necessary staple product that aligns with all customer’s needs.

We understand that keeping up with the trends within the industry can be time-consuming, but with this new way of smoking on the go, you will always provide a product you can be proud to have in stock on your store shelves.


How to load a glass blunt

This smoking apparatus is considered the best glass blunt out there due to its easy-to-load and easy-to-clean capabilities. This screen-less glass blunt pipe is ready to smoke in just a few simple steps.

1. Go ahead and grind up a gram of cannabis using your favorite grinder. We have a fantastic assortment of this go-to product on our Marijuana Packaging site, along with other necessary smoking accessories

2. Fill the tip of the glass blunt with your cannabis flower of choice.

3. Light it and inhale using a one-handed holding technique or conveniently slide it into any traditional bong attachment.

4. Use the magnetic-driven ashing action nozzle to remove ash and prepare a fresh hit.

5. Let your worries wash away with this new innovative method of smoking on the go.

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