Blazy Susan: Purple Hemp Plastic Rolling Tray

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Brand: Blazy Susan

Blazy Susan: Purple Hemp Plastic Hemp Rolling Tray


The next level rolling tray is here and it comes with much-needed functionality for the industry. Now available in purple! Not only is hemp plastic super strong (hemp plastic can be 2.5x stronger than polypropylene plastic), but it is 100% biodegradable! This could be an absolute gamechanger for our planet’s wellbeing.


Product Details


Weight: 0.6875 lbs

Dimensions: 12.250 × 8.1875 × 0.9375 in


3″ Grinder Cutout, Wide and Open Rolling Area with indented center portion to make rolling and stuffing cones easier! Bic and Clipper Lighter Holes, Various Holes for Rolled Goodies and Vape Pens along with a 14mm male slot, Slots for 1-1/4 and King Size Rolling Papers, Cell Phone Slot (for vertical or horizontal viewing)

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